Turning Down Pie (Crestfield Inn Romances – Book 3)



When two worlds collide on the ski slopes, can love mend what’s been broken?

Sally Castle, a professional ski racer on the mend from a career-threatening injury, retreats to a quaint town in Vermont close to a ski resort and is using an alias to avoid the media limelight. Her first day back on the slopes, the last thing she expects is to be literally flattened by a dashing stranger—Randy Granger, an Army man back home for the holidays.

And when Randy, mistaking her for a novice, offers ski lessons—Sally gives in to the man’s charisma and persistence, knowing his offer to help is the perfect cover for her slow and painful rehabilitation, but also against others recognizing her. After all, anyone getting lessons surely wouldn’t be the Sally Chastain.

As the town of Cedar Grove immerses itself in festive cheer, The Crestfield Inn, with its warm fires and holiday spirit, becomes the backdrop for their growing affection. Spending time with the enigmatic woman he’s teaching, the past begins to slip away and a future with Sally begins to take shape, right down to the white picket fence.  In the unforgiving world of competitive sports, Sally grapples not just with her physical setbacks but with the haunting mental scars threatening her skiing career. Yet, in Randy, she finds an unexpected anchor—a beacon guiding her heart toward love and healing.

But when the truth emerges, can their newfound love survive the reality of Sally’s true identity?

This Christmas, find out if our matchmaking spirits put another win in the romance column, or have they finally met their match?

Delve into a heartwarming tale of resilience, second chances, and unexpected love set against the backdrop of twinkling lights, festive celebrations, and snowy slopes, making Turning Down Pie an unmissable addition to the beloved Crestfield Inn clean romance series.


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