Love & Hope (Holidays in Hallbrook – Book 5)



Sometimes chaos is all you need to shake things up and then see where life lands…

Grace is all set to start her new job, at least she was until her cousin drops by hoping she’ll take care of her one-year-old daughter for a few weeks. Unable to have children of her own, Grace is tempted. The opportunity to have a baby around, even if only for a short time, is too hard to ignore—especially after her recent rejection by the adoption agency. With her sister’s promise to babysit, the pieces fall into place and Grace accepts. This Mother’s Day she’ll have a baby, even if it’s temporary. But when her sister calls the next morning and cancels on her, Grace has no choice but to take the baby to work.

Running late, Ryan pops into the local bakery in Hallbrook to pick up some pastries and coffee for his upcoming office meeting with the new World Sport Inc. employees. When the woman ahead of him struggles to find her money to pay, he offers to help to expedite matters. It wouldn’t look good if the boss was late. When she graciously turns down his offer but doesn’t move any faster, he’s forced to take matters into his own hands, much to his own detriment. Talk about being nice coming back to bite you…or vomit on you, in this case.

Grace’s hope for an understanding boss vanishes when she realizes he’s none other than the Vomit Man, the name she’d dubbed the poor, unfortunate man who’d paid for her breakfast. The two of them learn to work together with the baby around temporarily, at least they did, until Grace makes a mistake he can’t overlook, one that puts the company’s future in jeopardy.

When her cousin returns early, Grace is faced with losing her job, the man she cares about, and the baby she loves all at once. With her dog, Lucky, on her side, find out if Grace will have a Happy Mother’s Day after all.

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