Defending Dakota (Gold Coast Retrievers)



Her mission for justice puts her right in the line of fire. Can this agent, and therapy dog, save her?

The picture of a man she vaguely knew splashed across the front of a tabloid shook Dakota Mitchell to the core. It might be thirteen years after she suffered the double trauma of having her home burglarized the same night her parents died in a car accident, but the man’s tattoo reawakened memories locked hidden away. Pressed to discover the truth of what happened that fateful night, she finds out the man has her mother’s favorite locket. She teams up with her therapy canine, Halo, to take back what belongs to her—even if it means stealing it.

Colt Jackson is furious when a woman and her golden retriever land in the middle of his stakeout. He can’t afford to have her rat them out to his mark and blow the Wingate investigation and he can’t trust her not to return and try again. So instead he makes a deal with her, one that will get her what she wants and put the bad guy behind bars.

But when the bad guy gets out on a technicality, it’s up to Colt and Halo to save Dakota. This sweet tale of suspense, danger, and righting wrongs is one you won’t want to miss. Order your copy and start reading today!

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