Sundancer’s Star – Sundancer’s Legacy – Book 1


In the sprawling countryside of Crossroads Creek, where the Texan sun paints golden dreams, Max Turner suddenly finds his dream of reclaiming his family’s lost ranch put on hold. To avoid draining his savings account, Max is desperately searching for a new job and a place to live, except ranch foreman jobs weren’t easy to come by.

Lucy Carrington, a determined young woman whose dreams clash with the expectations of her traditional rancher father, is doing her best to run the family ranch after her brother leaves. When her father, who’s in a wheelchair, makes a secret deal with Max to work on the ranch and report back to him because he doesn’t trust his daughter to handle a man’s job, Max is caught in a web of deceit.

As Max and Lucy navigate the complexities of their new roles, including the surprise news that Max is guardian to Crystal…a twelve-year-old niece he never knew existed, they discover the power of love and resilience, and the true meaning of family.

Unlock the pages of this heartwarming romance today and join Max and Lucy on a journey through the sun-kissed landscapes of Texas as they find healing, understanding, and the promise of a happily ever after. Sometimes, life’s greatest treasures are found when you least expect them.

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Where hope and healing unite…

Caleb Duncan, a devoted single dad, has kept his world small and safe since the tragic loss of his wife in a horseback riding accident. But when unexpected financial troubles threaten Bigsby’s, he must step out of his comfort zone to save the family business. But balancing parenthood with running the store becomes increasingly challenging, and in a moment of desperation, he decides to hire a nanny to help care for his daughter.

Madison Bradley is a talented fashion designer who has returned to her hometown in Dover, Texas, while in search of a fresh start. Temporary jobs are in order as she waits to hear back on some of the job applications she submitted. Jobs like dog walker and nanny.

What neither one counted on was Sundancer’s Star…a horse dropped off by an anonymous donor. Legend has it that the descendants of Sundancer bring hope and healing to those chosen to receive the special gift. There’s only one problem…Caleb swore off horses and riding after his wife’s accident and is unsure how to handle this unexpected connection to his past.

For readers seeking a clean and inspiring love story, “Sundancer’s Star” promises to tug at your heartstrings and leave you believing in the enduring power of love, and second chances. This is the first book in a series inspired by the fictional Legend of Sundancer and the legacy of hope and healing it represents.

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