Love & Family (Holidays in Hallbrook – Book 2)



A small-town doctor, a woman determined to find answers, and the power of family. Will the truth finally bring peace to these troubled hearts?

Dr. Jake Duncan is a busy man—what with being the local doctor, a member of the rescue squad, a volunteer with the GiddyUp Kids program, and most importantly, raising his young hearing-impaired son, there’s not much time for anything else. Especially not an event planner who comes to town looking to stir up trouble for one of the few men he considers a close friend, retired pro bull rider, Chad Andrews.

Hard-charging Gemma Watson is shocked to discover the identity of her biological father on accident. She’s determined to pay Chad Andrews a visit but it’s not a social call, more of a piece-of-her-mind call. But when Brody, her excitable golden retriever, gets into a bit of trouble and it’s 911 to the rescue, her plans change.

To get closer to Chad, and smooth ruffled feathers of the handsome Dr. Jake, Gemma offers to organize a fundraiser event for the rescue squad, and he can’t say no. In fact, when it comes to Gemma, Jake is finding it impossible to stop her from getting her way. And he might just love her all the more for it…

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