Love & Adventure (Holidays in Hallbrook – Book 9)



What do baseball and true love have in common besides a diamond? Is that a trick question?

Lynette needs to push the reset button on her life, and a new job as principal of the Hallbrook Middle School is the perfect solution. Taking the job adds much-needed stability to the lives of the widow and her daughter. As an added bonus, moving to Hallbrook puts them closer to Lynette’s brother and his friends, including a handsome baseball player.

A lost shot playing for the major leagues and a divorce sidelined Connor in a small town. Becoming a resident of Hallbrook hasn’t dampened his hopes for a second chance to prove to everyone—including his son—that Connor is not the failure he thinks he is. But until opportunity comes knocking, he makes ends meet by working as a physical education teacher at the local middle school.

When Lynette leaves her daughter in her brother’s care, she never could have predicted that an emergency would leave her daughter in the hands of her new employee and his son. When Lynette rushes to pick up her daughter at the state park where Connor and his son are camping, Mother Nature decides to play matchmaker, stranding them there together.

Will Lynette and Connor find a way to knock their budding romance out of the park, or will their stubborn natures cause them to strike out?

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