Love & Chocolate (Holidays in Hallbrook – Book 4)



Some say Valentine’s Day is for lovers, while others prefer to think of it as February Fool’s Day. The question is, which one do you believe, and which one rules your heart?

The Sweeter Side of Life bakery in Hallbrook is in financial trouble and Amanda is determined to save the business her mother started twenty years ago. While honoring February Fool’s Day, Amanda’s name for the lovey-dovey holiday, she learns about the Anything Chocolate contest and is determined to win the cash prize. There’s only two drawbacks, one, it’s a statewide contest and the competition will be fierce, and two, she’s not a big fan of chocolate.

Kevin is trying to adjust to his new job as the Turlington High School chemistry teacher and to small-town living, a task made more difficult by his twin ten-year-old daughters who aren’t happy with the move or the divorce. When the twins demand they go to the Heart-to-Heart festival for a chance to hang with their new friends, he relents knowing it was important. But a fellow teacher turns the night into a matchmaking attempt and Kevin finds himself signing up for the Secret Chef fundraiser dinner to avoid Amanda, the attractive, but off-limits woman his new friend deems perfect for him.

Which worked wonders, at least until his winning dessert bid revealed Amanda as the secret chef and the woman who would come to his home and cook the six-course meal he’d won. So much for avoiding her. When the twins take objection, their shenanigans cause nothing but trouble at home and school. What they didn’t count on though, was their actions forcing him to spend more time with Amanda, putting his custody of the twins in jeopardy.

Twin trouble turns into twin blessings as the girls get to know Amanda and her chocolate lab, Cupcake. Kevin’s in trouble with this much female persuasion working against him, but is he willing to risk custody of the girls over love?

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