Turning Back Time (Crestfield Inn Romances – Book 1)

Turning Back Time (Crestfield Inn Romances – Book 1)

Family honor is at stake as they solve a 200-year-old mystery. The truth could cost them everything that's important.

***LIGHT HUMOROUS TWIST WITH A FRIENDLY GHOST (Think The Ghost and Mrs. Muir meets Casper the Friendly Ghost)

For generations, Sarah’s family handed down the stories about Captain Tremont, who went to his watery grave and was accused of bootlegging. But a message discovered in her grandmother’s trunk leads Sarah to believe there is another explanation for the captain’s fate. One that as a mystery writer, she can’t ignore and is determined to prove. The message takes her to the Crestfield Inn, where her infamous, six-times removed grandfather once stayed.

While delivering a load of antiques to the inn, a gorgeous woman knocks Blake off his balance—literally and figuratively. Tensions are high, and not only because of the broken lamp. Apologies are in order and when the two meet again at the library, he suggests they team up in their research efforts. Strictly business of course.

But as Sarah and Blake wind their way through history, they face unexpected challenges, including some strange things that happen at the inn when the resident spirit gets involved. And when they each find the answers they’re looking for, will the truth bring them happiness or drive them apart forever?

Turning Back Time is the captivating first book in the Crestfield Inn clean romance series. If you like special kinds of soulmates, a splash of the supernatural, and wholesome relationships, then you’ll adore Elsie Davis’s sweet bit of fun filled with romance and mystery.

Grab a copy of Turning Back Time and let love rewrite history!

***Also available at all major online retailers in E-BOOK and PRINT formats, as well as in Audible as an AUDIOBOOK.

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Series: Crestfield Inn, Book 1
Genres: Available through Audible, Clean and Wholesome Romance, Small town and Rural Fiction, Sweet romance
Publisher: Sweet Romance Publishing
Publication Year: 2021
ISBN: 9798692303813
List Price: 13.99
eBook Price: 2.99