Poppy’s Path to Love (Great Smoky Mountain Getaways – Book 2)



Escape to the Great Smoky Mountains…

When a job for a full-time nanny/housekeeper is posted in Langdon, NC, Poppy Delacorte is quick to apply. Jumping at the opportunity to move after a public shaming by her deceitful ex-boyfriend, she accepts the offer. When she arrives at her destination, Poppy learns there’s been some kind of mix-up at the agency and her new employer refuses to hire her because she’s not a gray-haired older woman. Something about younger women working for him and vying for the next Mrs. Jordan Perry position.

But before she can even make arrangements to figure out what to do or where to go next, Jordan seeks her out and offers her a temporary arrangement since he has no one to watch Katrina.

Poppy is secretly relieved with the reprieve, vowing to be the perfect nanny/housekeeper so that it becomes a permanent arrangement.

Jordan leaves on business—which in turn, leaves Poppy and Katrina trying to muddle through their new relationship and life. Except she doesn’t always get it right, discovering that teaching and nannying are two very different jobs.

Will Poppy need to move on and keeping searching for the place where she belongs and God’s plan for her life, or could this be where she finally puts down roots?

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