The Great Smoky Mountain Getaways Collection (Books 1-3) (E-book format only) KINDLE UNLIMITED

The Great Smoky Mountain Getaways Collection (Books 1-3) (E-book format only) KINDLE UNLIMITED

Where fresh mountain air and love await...

Escape to the Great Smoky Mountains…

Juliet's Journey to Love...
Juliet isn’t sure of God’s plan for her life, but the opportunity to serve as the leader of the Freedom and Faith small group, helps her to feel needed, like she belongs. The group plans to hike sections of the Appalachian Trail, using the back to nature approach to grow closer to God. Determined to succeed, Juliet leads two other women on a hike, but when she falls ill and they’re days away from the exit point of their planned journey, her friends must call 911.

When Juliet sets her sights on a new project she feels sure God is calling her to handle,does she get in over her head and go too far?

Poppy's Path to Love...
When a job for a full-time nanny/housekeeper is posted in Langdon, NC, Poppy Delacorte is quick to apply. Jumping at the opportunity to move after a public shaming by her deceitful ex-boyfriend, she accepts the offer. When she arrives at her destination, Poppy learns there’s been some kind of mix-up at the agency and her new employer refuses to hire her because she’s not a gray-haired older woman.

Will Poppy need to move on and keeping searching for the place where she belongs and God’s plan for her life, or could this be where she finally puts down roots as she sets out to prove she's more than qualified to be a nanny?

Rachel's Road to Love...
Rachel trusts God's plan for her life, but did that plan really include being left at the altar? After delivering the news from the cold-footed groom, her maid of honor offers solace in the form of her family's mountain getaway. Despite the threat of wintry weather, Rachel eagerly accepts the opportunity for a quiet escape from prying eyes. What she doesn't count on is the best-friend's brother holed up in the cabin or the snowstorm that blankets the mountainside.

Will her broken heart mend before the snow melts and they're rescued? Can Rachel trust that God's master plan for their lives may be different than their individual goals?



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Series: The Great Smoky Mountain Getaways, Book 4
Genres: Clean and Wholesome Romance, Inspirational Romance, Small town and Rural Fiction, Sweet romance
Publisher: Sweet Romance Publishing
Publication Year: 2022
List Price: 9.99
eBook Price: 9.99
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